The Four Pillars are the corner stone revelations the Holy Spirit has breathed among us as a movement. We believe that God has a present word for His Ekklesia and before you can fully move in it, you must have a revelation of who you are in Christ and the truths of His Word not only concerning you but His entire Body!


The Pillars are an intensive experiential style class at most locations the class is one weekend per month, however we have locations that meet during the week and are spread out across the month. 

The Four Pillars are as follows:


Pillar One: The Finished Cross

Pillar Two: The Presence of God

Pillar Three: The Fatherhood of God

Pillar Four: Apostolic Thinking

We have completed 3 of the pillars and have had an aggregate total of 450 people attend the classes. This has been a time of awakening and activation for the Ekklesia of Christ! 



Our pillar 4 class for May has been cancelled and all registrations will be refunded. We will keep you up to date on when this class will be available next.

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